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Work in progress 

Why is child mortality not declining in Delhi? With Kanika Sharma.

Where there is smoke: The determinants of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in India. Second Year Paper. Under the guidance of Prof. Irma Elo.

Social disadvantage and longevity in India. With Nikkil Sudharsanan

Seasonality, sanitation & survival in India. First year paper. Under the guidance of Prof. Jere Berhman

Social disadvantage and mental health in India. With Diane Coffey..

Reporting and incidence of violence against women in India. 2014.


Health externalities of India’s expansion of coal plants: Evidence from a national panel of 40,000 households.” 2016.  Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. with Dean Spears.

Understanding open defecation in in rural India: Untouchability, pollution, & latrine pits.” 2017. Economic & Political Weekly. With Diane Coffey, Payal Hathi, Dean Spears, Nikhil Srivastav and Sangita Vyas.

Purity, pollution, and untouchability: Challenges affecting the adoption, use, and sustainability of sanitation programmes in rural India.” 2016. Sustainable Sanitation for All: Experience, challenges and innovations. With Diane Coffey & Dean Spears.

Caste and the Power Elite in Allahabad.” 2015. Economic & Political Weekly. with Ankita Aggarwal & Jean Dreze.

Revealed preference for open defecation: Evidence from a new survey in rural North India.” 2014. Economic & Political Weekly. with Diane Coffey, Payal Hathi, Nidhi Khurana, Dean Spears, Nikhil Srivastav & Sangita Vyas.

Old Age Pension Scheme in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.” 2013. Economic & Political Weekly.


Photo: Shankargarh, Uttar Pradesh. Water surrounds a light-bulb in a public bus after heavy rainfall.


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