Below is a selection of talks I have given related to my work on modified gravity:

  • Are Two Metrics Better than One?: The Cosmology of Massive (Bi)gravity (PDF), a talk given at Berkeley in September 2014, as well as at Heidelberg, NYU, Perimeter Institute, and the University of Pennsylvania. I discuss my and my collaborators’ work on massive gravity, its extension to bigravity, and cosmological tests thereof.
  • Constraining Lorentz Violation During Inflation, a talk given at DAMTP, Cambridge in February 2014, as well as at the University of Oslo and NORDITA in January 2014. This talk is about my work on effects of Lorentz violation during inflation, particularly the strongest constraint to date (by several orders of magnitude) on a possible coupling between a scalar inflaton and a vector field (aether) spontaneously breaking boost symmetry.
  • Instabilities During Einstein-Aether Inflation, a shorter (12+3) version of the talk above, given at COSMO 2013 and the 27th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics.