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RealArts internships

A new article in the Omnia features our RealArts internships program. In part because students who cannot otherwise afford to accept unpaid internships (alas, that’s now the norm) are generally shut out from such opportunities, RealArts’ paid internships have been mainly about enabling equal access for talented students who want to explore careers in arts...


Poems of Jawdat Fakhreddine

I’m grateful to Huda Fakhreddine the gift she made of “Lighthouse for the Drowning,” poems by Jawdat Fakhreddine (her father) as translated by herself and Jayson Iwen. “Now when I meet [this poem] in a book / from time to time, / it beckons to me like a prisoner, /...


Young Penn journalists in DC

Penn alumni journalists gather with their former teacher/mentor Paul Hendrickson in Washington DC last night: Jessica Lussenhop, BBC America (’05); Matt Flegenheimer, New York Times (’14); Joe Pinsker, the Atlantic (’13); Jessica Sidman, Washingtonian Magazine (’08); Ashley Parker, Washington Post (’05); Paul Hendrickson; Sam Brodey, Minnesota Post (’14); Jessica Goldstein,...