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Watching “Shoah” for the 22nd time

Tomorrow I’ll be watching Claude Lanzmann’s film Shoah for the 22nd time. It’s 9.5 hours long. People sometimes watch the film in two sittings. In a way, we dont have time to schedule two different viewing days. But, more, the film’s power is one of a kind of mesmerization. Watching...


A note on ModPo pedagogy

Soon after sending another update to all the people enrolled in ModPo, I received this note from Carlene (one of the 20,000 or so ModPo’ers who received my message): You probably already know, but a university that is alway open is the sentinel of a modern way of considering learning....


Winner of the Beltran Award: Jamie-Lee Josselyn

Last night at the end-of-academic-year “hub party” at the Kelly Writers House I had the pleasure of announcing the winner of the Beltran Family Award for Innovative Teaching & Mentoring—for 2017-18. She is Jamie-Lee Josselyn! Jamie-Lee is an utterly remarkable teacher. On the 0-4 scale used for student evaluations, Jamie-Lee’s courses...