I’m a third year graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania working with Professor Cullen Blake as a member of the MINERVA Red team, which is a part of the MINERVA (MINiature Exoplanet Radial Velocity Array) collaboration. The goal of MINERVA Red is to detect exoplanets around M-dwarf stars by measuring the ‘wobble’ of the host star due to the gravitational pull of a potential planet. Right now I spend most of my time working on CAMAL, which measures the precipitable water vapor (PWV) above Mount Hopkins, where MINERVA is located.

This site is definitely a work in progress due to the fact that its constituents are works in progress. In particular, access and instructions for downloading nightly PWV measurements from the CAMAL instrument will be available by January 2017.



Email: ashbaker@sas.upenn.edu

: 209 S. 33rd St.
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Philadelphia, PA 19104