Dr. Peter Hauser: “How Deaf Children Learn”

October 3, 2013

This presentation will focus on what social science research says about
how deaf children learn based on recent findings from USA and
international laboratories.  The main topics will be: (a) the impact of
early sign language acquisition on cognitive development; (b) how deaf
individuals are visual learners; and, (c ) what parents and teachers can
do to further facilitate deaf children’s optimal development.
Qualitative and quantitative data will be shared including neuroimaging
studies on deaf individuals’ visual and language processing.  The
presentation will be tailored for a broad audience and the information
will be of interest to scholars range of disciplines, deaf education
professionals, parents of deaf and hard of hearing children, and the
Deaf Community.  The presentation will be in American Sign language and
spoken English interpreting will be provided.

Peter Hauser’s Bio:

Dr. Peter C. Hauser is a neuropsychologist, associate professor at
Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Science Mentorship Leader for
the Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning at
Gallaudet University.  He directs the Deaf Studies Laboratory, at the
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, that conducts research on the
deaf experience and the impact it has on language, cognitive, and
psychosocial development. He has given keynote presentations at
international and national conferences on psychology, linguistics,
education, and medicine.  He has journal publications on deaf cognition
and sign language neurolinguistics and psycholinguistics.

Link to the video recorded lecture available here.