ASL Courses

*Elementary and Intermediate ASL Courses:

*LING 071. American Sign Language I: Introduction to ASL, Part I.

*LING 072. American Sign Language II: Introduction to ASL, Part II.

*LING 073. American Sign Language III: Intermediate ASL, Part I

*LING 074. American Sign Language IV: Intermediate ASL, Part II.

*LING 091. Intensive ASL III/IV:  A six-week intensive ASL course that, upon successful completion, will allow students to complete the language requirement.  (Offered every other year–in even-numbered years).

A separate section focusing on Medical ASL is offered in the spring semester. For description, please see below.

*LING 074 American Sign Language IV (Medical).

This course is a continuation of ASL and its fundamental structures, with a focus on medical situations and settings. It is a parallel course to the other LING 074 sections, and follows all goals of LING 074 with a concentration in reinforcing negotiation skills and vocabulary in medical settings as well as a continued awareness of deaf cultural tendencies. The course is conducted in ASL.

Advanced ASL Courses:

LING 075. American Sign Language V (offered every other fall semester)

LING 076. Deaf Literature, Performance, Art, and Film (offered every other fall semester)

LING 077. Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) in ASL/Deaf Studies

LING 078.  Deaf Culture (Satisfies the College’s Cultural Diversity in the United States requirment)

Specialty Courses:

ASL for Medical Professionals: Offered through Penn Language Center in Summer. This course is an introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture for medical professionals. It will be comprised of traditional, in-class ASL instruction and skill building as well as two classes/components that center on discussing topics relevant and integral to Deaf culture.

For complete course descriptions, please see the Course Register.

*At least one section of Elementary and Intermediate ASL (LING 071-074) are offered each semester.  Satisfactory completion of the four-course sequence satisfies the College language requirement.