BAMLab Alums

Emily Elenio, ’19


Emily Elenio is a senior from Ridgefield, New Jersey, studying General Anthropology and minoring in Nutrition Science. She is especially passionate about Nutritional Anthropology. Her senior thesis, ‘Childhood Food Agency and Foodways in Middle School Children in New Jersey’, investigates the role of school lunch and socialization at school and at home on children. When she isn’t reading for her anthropology classes, Emily is the current President of the Penn Band and works as an intern at the Philadelphia Health Department in the Hepatitis Surveillance Program. She’s also a peer advisor in the Major Advising Program (MAP) so feel free to reach out to talk about anthropology (she previously declared 4 other majors too..)

Payton Puerzer, ’21

Payton is an undergraduate student from Edina, Minnesota (Class of 2021). She plans to major in biological anthropology and minor in biological basis of behavior. Her academic interests include human evolution, public health, and forensic anthropology. Outside of classes, Payton enjoys reading, traveling, yoga, and spending times with her family and friends.