nancyboniniNancy Bonini

Resume: bonini_cv_2015_0

Postdoctoral Scientists

zhenmingyuZhenming Yu (former)
Research: Studying mechanisms of neurodegeneration in Drosophilamodels



lingyanghaoLing-Yang Hao (former)
Research: Developing and characterizing Drosophilamodels of Parkinson’s disease



Lorena Soares (former)

Research: Investigating novel types of degenerative processes



yanshanfangYanshan Fang (former)
Research: Axonal degeneration using Drosophila as a model



leeannemcgurkLeeanne McGurk
Research: Genes that cause neurodegeneration and ataxia in flies



hyung-junkimHyung-Jun Kim (former)
Research: Parkinson’s disease models in flies



alondraburgueteAlondra Schweizer Burguete
Research: RNA toxicity in SCA disease and aging in Drosophila



jasonkennerdellJason Kennerdell
Research: Neurodegeneration mechanisms in Drosophila



drosophilaAmit Berson
Research: Epigenetics of neurodegenerative diseases



Graduate Students

shin-yiShin-Yi Shieh (former)
ResearchDrosophila models of Parkinson’s disease.



lindsayyurcabaLindsay Yurcaba (former)
Research: Axonal degeneration in Drosophila



photoVirzhiniya Feltzin
Research: Linking the gut microbiome and parkinsonism using the fly as a model



chia-yuChia-Yu Chung
Research: Exploring the mechanisms of gene regulation underlying neurodegeneration using Drosophila as a model


img_20150603_170943_852Lindsey Goodman
Research: Neurotoxicity associated with the expression of pathogenic GGGGCC nucleotide



photo_for_lab_jananiJanani Saikumar
Research: Modelling traumatic brain injury in Drosophila



masashiabeMasashi Abe (former)
Research: Analysis of miRNA maturation pathway



drosophilaAnanth Srinivasan




Master’s Students

gert-janhendriksGert-Jan Hendriks (former)
Research: miRNA processing and neurodegeneration



Research Specialists and Technicians
xiuyintengXiuyin Teng (former)
Research Technician
Research: Characterization of novel trinucleotide repeat models



michelleminaMichelle Min (former)
Research Technician
Research: Mechanisms of myotonic dystrophy inDrosophila
Current position: Medical School!



mikeparisiMike Parisi Research Specialist
Research: Neuronal degeneration and regeneration



rossweberRoss Weber Research Technician (former)
Research: Models of ALS inDrosophila
Emailweberra@sas.upenn.eduCurrent position: Medical School!



melissagearyMelissa Geary Research Technician (former)
Research: Neuronal degeneration and aging




drosophilaYongqing Zhu, Research Specialist