Lab News & Achievements

Congratulations to…

… Dr. Brannon is now an associate editor of a new journal: Open Mind!

… Dr. Brannon recently gave a distinguished lecture at NSF!  Stay tuned for NSF press release and video of the talk.


… Joonkoo Park on his new faculty position at UMass Amherst!

… Ariel Starr, who was selected as a recipient of the SRCD Dissertation Funding Award!

… Rosa Li on successfully defending her MAP and receiving an MA this year!

… Élan Yochai for receiving a URS grant!

… Pawan Mathew and Sonia Godbole on successful completion of the Summer Neuroscience Program of Research and presentation of their research in a summer poster symposium!

… Cayley Larimer and Katherine Plevka on their acceptance to the Vertical Integration Program and presentation of their research in a summer symposium!

… Dr. Joonkoo Park on being awarded the 2013 Associate Member Select-Speaker Award to present at the Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting in Toronto, Nov 14-17, 2013!

… Ariel Starr on successful completion of her MAP and being selected to present at the NIH Math Cognition Conference!

… Dr. Sarah Jones on a successful PhD defense! Dr. Jones is now a Visiting Assistant Professor at St Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. Many congrats, Sarah!

… Dr. Joonkoo Park on receiving the James McKeen Cattell Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Psychology!

… Dr. David Paulsen on a successful PhD defense! Dr. Paulsen is now a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Laboratory of Neurocognitive Development at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in September. Hooray for David!

… Caroline Drucker, Rosa Li, and Ariel Starr on their NSF awards!


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