Camilo E. Khatchikan

Research Associate

Room 326 Leidy Labs

My research is focused on the evolutionary ecology of vector-borne diseases. I strive to understand how the environment influences populations of vectors and diseases and how the interactions among them are shaped. Specifically, I study the epidemiology, population dynamics, and history of complex diseases systems from an ecological perspective.

My research is holistic in nature, and consequently, I utilize a wide-range of tools. I use analytical and stochastic models to understand patterns of occurrence and prevalence of diseases. I integrate phylogenetic and population genetic tools together with geographical information systems to take into account the inherent temporal and spatial heterogeneity often present in complex systems. This integration allows me to investigate the demography, phylogeography, and history of disease vectors in different environments. I also use experimental approaches to uncover the evolutionary ecology of vector diseases. Recently, I have been expanding my analytical toolbox to include newly developed next generation sequencing technologies.