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The New Year Murders
Amitav Ghosh's poppy trilogy has done much to illuminate the world of the seacunny It (More)
The Soho Love Tragedy
It was an uncomfortably warm morning in central London. The thick black fog that had hung like a pall early in the morning had moved away and a muggy, hot morni (More)
Two Men Not Called John
Vivek Bald, Bengali Harlem Moksad Ali got off the SS St. Louis at New York City on (More)
Henry & Miriam's Love Story
Police Courts are hardly places of sentimentality. Murderers, robbers, fraudsters and petty thieves rather than star-crossed lovers are the usual denizens of these courts. It is the seamier underbelly of a city that leaves its marks on the white-wash (More)
An Impossible Love
The Chowk, Allahabad Courtrooms are places of striking co (More)