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Two Men Not Called John
Vivek Bald, Bengali Harlem Moksad Ali got off the SS St. Louis at New York City on (More)
The Death of a Kiteflier
Armenian Church in Calcutta built in the 18th Century William Martin Sarkies was seve (More)
Dunbar: The Lovable Swindler
It was Christmas Eve in 1874. Mr and Mrs Hall, the proprietors of the Oriental Railway Hotel at Howrah, received a telegram from Ranigunj asking them to prepare an airy and well-appointed suite and keep a heated bath ready for an illustrious couple. (More)
Ramayana & Biopiracy
As the valiant Lakshmana lay dead on the epic battle field, Hanuman was despatched in search of the miracle herb that would revive the intrepid warrior. Being the son of the Lord of the Air, Hanuman could fly faster than any of his peers (is it s a b (More)
Cholera Cloud
  In was an unexceptional Fall Sunday in 1831 in the tiny Scottish fishing village of Nigg. The villagers had just come out of the chur (More)
Jessie's Dream

Henry & Miriam's Love Story
Police Courts are hardly places of sentimentality. Murderers, robbers, fraudsters and petty thieves rather than star-crossed lovers are the usual denizens of these courts. It is the seamier underbelly of a city that leaves its marks on the white-wash (More)
Fishy Pirates
Technically speaking, this is not a story that unfolded by gaslight. Gaslighting at the time was still in the distant future. Th (More)
The Specter of Sukea Street
Gaslight and railway communication with Gaya, claimed the reporter who communicated the following incidents to the public, had greatly attenuated the ability of spirits to interfere with the domestic affairs of the inhabitants of the City of Palaces. (More)
A Strange Dream
[caption id="attachment_175" align="alignright" width="255"] Lalu Prasad Shaw, "Siesta"

It was the 5th o (More)
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