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The Specter of Sukea Street
Gaslight and railway communication with Gaya, claimed the reporter who communicated the following incidents to the public, had greatly attenuated the ability of spirits to interfere with the domestic affairs of the inhabitants of the City of Palaces. (More)
A Strange Dream
Lalu Prasad Shaw, "Siesta" It was the 5th o (More)
An Impossible Love
The Chowk, Allahabad Courtrooms are places of striking co (More)
An Eighteenth-Century Apparition
The last serious challenge to British power in Hindustan had ended with the Battle of Buxar in 1764. While the Peshwas, the Nizam and, above all, the Sultans of Mysore would continue to resist the Pax Brittanica in the Deccan for many more decades, i (More)
Murder between the Lines
The Victorian world was one of clear contrasts and sharp hierarchies. White and black, good and evil, saints and sinners were all clearly distinguished and neatly stacked up. Or so the Victorians told themselves. But gaslights are not conducive to su (More)
The Walrus Comes to Calcutta
In the 1870s, Calcutta was growing at an exponential rate. Yet it remained surrounded by small fishing villages reminding the grand (More)
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