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A Transnational South America?
On May 24, the nations of South America signed a treaty to create Unasur, a regional parliament that builds upon the trading agreements Mercosur and the Andean Community, but also may coordinate common military defense actions. <More)
Plantation Agriculture's Discontents
Recently, Chiquita Banana was fined $27 million by the US Justice Department after paying protection money to Colombian guerrilla (More)
International Drug Trafficking
Although they are not mutually exclusive, international crime and terrorism comprise the darker sides of globalization. They use technologies, networks, and connections similarly to the way legal enterprises do, but also endeavor to subvert the work (More)
The Print Media in South Africa: Paving the Way for 'Privatisation'
The print media in South Africa : paving the way for 'privatisation' / Anne Mayher & David A. Mcdonald Review of African Political Economy, 2007, vol. 34, no. 113, p. 443-460 Since the end of apartheid, national and local governments in Sou (More)