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PhD fellowships available for Fall 2019 in soil C biogeochemistry
The Terrestrial Biogeochemistry Laboratory in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science of the University of Pennsylvania invites applicants for competitive Ph.D. fellowships in soil carbon biogeochemistry. Projects seek to quantify and chara (More)
RPO Workshop 2016
Photo courtesy of NOSAMS Ramped pyrolysis/oxidation (RPO), (More)
Year of triangulation, pt3: Data, Code, Results
Year of triangulation, pt 2
Triangles by More)
Tierra at Summer Soil Institute 2016
Taking a break from sampling, and enjoying views of Borden Mem (More)
Moving on...
I grew up in Beijing and got my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Peking University. My research interests are the interactions between fore (More)
Year of Triangulation, pt 1
Inverted Pyramid by More)