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With unprecedented threats to nature at hand, how to turn the tide
The United Nations report noted five main drivers of threats to biodiversity: changes in land and sea use, direct exploitation of organisms, climate change, poll (More)
Predilections of a destructive pest
Benjamin Rohr, a graduate student in environmental studies, is studying the invasive spotted lanternfly at The Woodlands, a large cemetery a stone’s throw (More)
A unique perspective on renewable energy
By Michele W. Berger Rachel Kyte has a unique perspective on climate change and the environment. She’s both a special representative to the United Nations and CEO of an international organization called Sustainable Energy for All, technically one (More)
Keeping rain out of the drain
David Vann of the School of Arts and Sciences heads up the research efforts around Shoemaker Green’s stormwater management system. Using sensors placed ar (More)
OH Digest: Pesticide in breakfast cereal, health benefits of getting outside, and more
Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weed killer Roundup, was found in 21 products, from breakfast cereal to granola bars. (Photo credit: Pixabay/PublicDomainPicture (More)
Teamwork dream work
A big shout out to lab friend and collaborator Eve Armstrong, who presented her work on modeling cowbird song at the SIAM conference on applications in dynamical systems. Some really beautiful modeling. Be on the lookout for a paper in the coming mon (More)
Spoiler Alert: We're on GitHub!
The ever-enterprising Zach Sheldon set us up a GitHub today. As we are putting together papers and analyses this year, expect to see a fair amount of code going up, including the analysis for Zach and lab alum Chris Glaze's upcoming paper on the effe (More)
Data Post
Hi there! This week we have some images we've gotten after a fair amount of pain staking work (by both lab all-star and intramural Frisbee champion, Jessie Burke, and Lab Alum Collyn Messier). We're working to close the song circuit in the female (More)
Record gift from Roy and Diana Vagelos to create new energy science and technology building
P. Roy Vagelos and Diana T. Vagelos have made a gift of $50 million to Penn Arts & Sciences for a new science center to house researchers focused on energy science. More)
Announcing Smart Box
I said I'd update this once a week, so here I am one week later. This week I have a follow up from last week's teaser: a git repo for automating song playback while making it conditional on baseline motion. This is fairly important for some of the wo (More)
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