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Summer 2020 CSSM Papers
A new paper has been accepted that acknowledges CSSM support. “Precious metal recovery from electronic waste by a porous porphyrin polymer” Hong, Y.; Thirion, D.; Subramanian, S.; Yoo, M.; Choi, H.; Kim, Y.; Kim, H. Y.; Stoddart, J. F.; Yavuz, C. (More)
Diversity and Equity - Black Lives Matter
  We condemn the grave injustices that black people confront in this country, in particular the unbridled and deplorable police brutality and express our sorrow about the many lives this has taken, compounded by lack of equal healthcare, hous (More)
Our Commitments to Racial Equity
Over the past few weeks, we've yet again witnessed unmistakable evidence of racism and systemic oppression in America. We are enraged by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and countless other Black lives that have been lost (More)
Top 5 Inspiring Quotes from Local & National Leaders
Over the past two months, we’ve shared our weekly ‘Top 5’ series which highlights ideas and insights for organizations and community members navigating the effects of Covid-19 in our City. We will be transitioning this into a monthly series starting (More)
Top 5 Resources for Effective Leadership During Crisis
Sound and resilient leadership is critical to the success and health of organizations in this unprecedented time. This week's post highlights our Top 5 resources for effective leadership during the crisis. We hope these strategies provide guidance an (More)
Weekly Top 5: 5 Stories of Impact from DFOB Leaders
Today, we bring you another installment of our Top 5 blog series: 5 Stories of Impact from DiverseForce On Boards (DFOB) leaders. The DiverseForce On Boards program was founded as a partnership betw (More)
Weekly Top 5: Top 5 Resources Advancing Equity during COVID-19
Today, we bring you another installment of our Top 5 blog series: Top 5 Resources for Advancing Equity during COVID-19. These resources provide recommendations and reflections on how to incorporate and prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion prac (More)
Weekly Top 5 Blog Series: 5 Service Delivery Pivots
This week’s Top 5 highlights five examples of local nonprofit organizations who have adapted their service delivery to respond to community needs during the pandemic. We hope they are a source of insight and inspiration in these challenging times! (More)
Weekly Top 5: Top 5 Crowd-Sourced Guides
In response to the pandemic, communities and organizations are building networks of mutual support to help those most impacted by Covid-19. Banding together to share resources—from crowdsourcing information to launching mutual aid groups—is an effect (More)
Weekly Top 5: Top 5 Ways to Build Connectivity
Today’s installment of our Top 5 blog series will discuss the Top 5 ways to build digital connectivity. In our current environment, building capacity to operate digitally is paramount... and can be daunting. Below are some tips for making social conn (More)
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