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Student Reflection: Grace Pesantes
Grace Pesantes 16 years old I am a student from San Cristóbal High School in the 1st IB program. I like reading, swimming, playing football, basketball, and going out with my friends. I like to meet my friends to watch scary, comedic, or romant (More)
Student Reflection: Genesis Lalaleo
Genesis Lalaleo 16 years old I enjoy reading good books, writing poems and singing for God. Before this project, we had not been particularly interested in learning about the lives, development, and physical and social environments of (More)
Student Reflection: Fernanda Escobar
Name: Fernanda Escobar Age: 16 years old; I like conservation, listening to music, and playing sports. What is interesting about working on the LAVA project? The LAVA project is teaching us a lot. Every day we learn interesting things and get t (More)
Student Reflection: Brandon Pico
In the LAVA project, I, as a student, have enjoyed and learned a lot about this project. I enjoyed the project the most because I was able to help nature. It is a win-win situation because I am doing something that I like, even though it is obligat (More)
Student Reflection: Briggitte
My name is Briggitte, I'm 16 years old, I like sports, eating, animals, sea lions, and going out to the beach. The LAVA project consists of studying sea lions. We study their behavior, their sounds, what is around them and how it influences them. (More)
Student Reflection: Carlos Aldair Paredes
Name: Carlos Aldair Paredes Age: 16 Interests: Playing basketball, reading books. What was your attitude before, during and now in the LAVA Project? In only a short time, the LAVA project has begun changing my attitude towards Galápagos S (More)
Science for All of Us
Darwin had it easy. Darwin worked hard, took risks, and challenged the most influential dogmas of his time. He spent years at sea, sailing from ocean to ocean on an expedition more likely to kill him than make him famous. He was nauseous and sickl (More)
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