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The Agnostic Search for Life
As a species, humans know essentially nothing. Go to Wikipedia and look up lists of planets that orbit other stars. There’s an enormous table of More)
Phyllis didn’t know what Henry had done to get back into prison, but she was pretty sure it wasn’t bad. She’d only been working at the prisons for one week, but she’d already heard from others that he was a good person, that he didn’t deserve what he (More)
The Comedy
I chose Justin. 27. Attorney. Owner of a cat. Check, check, check. We began messaging on Bumble, and I waded into the stream of conversation: favorite bands, adorin (More)
Being Rachel
The walls of our home were a canary yellow when we moved in. Mom said that was a depressing color and promptly painted them beige. The yellow (More)
Look! Look at Betsy! Look how pretty she is! Wow. Her hair is so blonde. She is 61 years old and her hair is still blonde! Neat! Look at her eyes! See how b (More)
Fortune Favors the Bold by Zoe Young
The Ten of Spades rests heavily in my hand. After a moment of staring at it in disbelief, I hastily put the card in my back pocket and en (More)