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The New Year Murders
Amitav Ghosh's poppy trilogy has done much to illuminate the world of the seacunny It (More)
An Anonymous Murder
On the 30th of May 1867, a worried father walked into the Entally police station. No name, leave alone an image, of the paternal figure has survived. (More)
The Death of a Kiteflier
Armenian Church in Calcutta built in the 18th Century William Martin Sarkies was seve (More)
Dunbar: The Lovable Swindler
It was Christmas Eve in 1874. Mr and Mrs Hall, the proprietors of the Oriental Railway Hotel at Howrah, received a telegram from Ranigunj asking them to prepare an airy and well-appointed suite and keep a heated bath ready for an illustrious couple. (More)
Fishy Pirates
Technically speaking, this is not a story that unfolded by gaslight. Gaslighting at the time was still in the distant future. Th (More)
Murder between the Lines
The Victorian world was one of clear contrasts and sharp hierarchies. White and black, good and evil, saints and sinners were all clearly distinguished and neatly stacked up. Or so the Victorians told themselves. But gaslights are not conducive to su (More)