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How to SSH to the Writing Server on a Windows PC
In order to connect to the Writing server via SSH on a Windows PC, use SecureCRT, which is available for free to University staff and faculty. If you don't yet have it, click here for more info (More)
Send from Penn Email Address in Gmail / Google@SAS
Step 1: Add Your Penn Email Address to Gmail On your computer, open and log in (if you aren't already). In the top right, click the Gear icon and then "Settings." Click the "Accounts and Import" tab. In the "Send mail as" sect (More)
How To Configure Fetch for the Writing Server
Note: You will need a writing server account with proper permissions to access the writing server. Open Fetch from the Applications folder on any on-campus Mac. You will see a "New Connection" popup window. If not, click "New" from the top me (More)
How to Configure BBEdit (Mac) for Writing Website Editing
If you need to edit the Writing website, the instructions below will help you to configure BBEdit to connect to the server. Note that you need a Writing server account with proper permissions in order to connect to the server. Contact Chris Martin if (More)