Sample Submission

There are samples in the queue. Last Updated: 4:30 pm EST February 21st, 2019

Fill out the online submission form by following the link below to be added to the sample queue. Only one sample is allowed per submission.  If you have multiple samples to be examined, please fill out a form for each sample. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email and your name will be added to the sample queue.

Please select a radiation source and data collection temperature for your sample. Default data collections will use Mo radiation and will be collected at 100K. If the absolute structure of a chiral compounds containing only light atoms (C, H, O, N) is needed, please select Cu radiation.

Samples that are stable to air, moisture, and temperature can be left in the X-ray facility to be analyzed. Those with samples that are sensitive to air, moisture, and/or temperature will be contacted via text or email with a time and date to bring down the sample. Please bring a proposed structure including chemical formula and molecular weight, along with a list of all solvents used in the reaction, purification, and crystallization steps. You will be asked to fill out a sample card when the sample is brought to the facility.

Those with samples that are time sensitive (decomposes in 1-2 days, re-submission for a journal, etc.) should contact the X-ray staff about moving ahead in the queue.

Submission Form

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