Hi I’m Chris Lynn, a Ph.D. candidate in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania. I work with Dan Lee, Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering here at Penn. Together, we¬†use ideas from statistical mechanics to explore the behavior of complex networked systems. Statistical mechanics provides a wealth of tools for describing the aggregate behavior of complex systems with high probability where hard bounds may be weak or difficult to formulate.

Recently, I have been focused on influence maximization in social networks in the context of stochastic opinions. Using the Ising model, one finds that the amount of stochastic noise in the social system plays a vital role in determining the optimal control strategy. I am excited to continue searching for fruitful connections between statistical mechanics and optimization problems in machine learning and network science.


Dan Lee’s website

Penn Physics and Astronomy



Department of Physics and Astronomy
209 S. 33rd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104


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