Filemaker Pro 15 Configuration Guide

Use these instructions to configure Filemaker Pro 15 to connect to the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Filemaker server. Note you must use a wired campus computer –or– be connected to SAS via a Pulse connection in order for this to work.


1 Upon opening Filemaker Pro, you will be greeted with this “Get Started” screen:


2. Click File -> “Open Remote…”



3. Assuming you are connecting to the Kelly Writers House database, use the following settings:

Host internet address:
Favorite Host’s Name:
File Settings -> Show Only These Files:


4. If prompted, tick “Always permit connection to this host” and click “Connect”


5. Double click on the “cpcw-kwhcurrentcontacts” icon.


6. Enter your FMP account name and password and click OK.

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