Filemaker Pro 13 Configuration Guide

Use these instructions to configure Filemaker Pro 13 (or older) to connect to the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Filemaker server. Note you must use a wired campus computer –or– be connected to SAS via a Pulse connection in order for this to work. Click here if you need instructions for configuring Filemaker Pro 15.

1. From the initial Open screen, select ‘Manage Favorites’
2. Click the ‘+’ to add a Favorite
3. Select ‘Remote’
3b. Toggle the “View” to “Favorite Hosts”
4. Select ‘Add’
5. Type ‘’ in the Internet Address field and select ‘Save’
6. Scroll down through the list of databases on the server to find the CPCW-CurrentContacts database
7. Click on the CPCW-CurrentContacts database(s) and click ‘Add to Favorites’. Repeat for any other databases you want to add (books and/or DAT tapes).
8. From the Open screen, the CPCW-CurrentContacts database should now appear under ‘Favorite Files’

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