KWH Getting Started Guide

If you haven’t already, click here to request a KWH AD account.

1. Set New Password

The temporary one-time password for your new account will be in the following form:
where the 12345678 is the middle 8 digits of your Penn ID number.

Open your browser to:
Log in with your user name (your user name is the same as your pennkey) and the temporary password mentioned above.
You will be asked to change your password.
Note: Your password cannot match your Pennkey. It must be 8 to 15 characters and include a letter, number and special character.

2. How To Connect to the Shared Drive

Note: You must be on a wired campus computer to connect to the shared drive.

Click on the desktop of your Mac computer (Finder) and click on the top menu bar:

To connect to the KWH shared drive, enter:

Use your KWH AD account credentials (the account above in Step 1) to log in.

3. How to Connect to Filemaker Pro:

How to Configure Filemaker Pro 13 (currently everywhere except the library)
How to Configure Filemaker Pro 15 (currently the library only)