For Parents

For parents

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where is the lab located?
    • Our lab is located at 3401 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA, 19104 on the University of Pennsylvania campus. This is where we run our studies and have our
      administrative offices
  • How long can we expect to be at the lab?
    • While duration of the study itself may vary, we ask parents to budget for
      approximately one hour in order to fully explain the study and let your child become comfortable in the new space. 
  • What will my child being doing?
    • The specifics will vary from study to study, but in general we will invite your child to play a computer game that has our experimental design embedded into it. This is to make the experience more fun for your child!
  • Can I accompany my child during the study?
    • In general, parents do not accompany their child during the study. We ask that they wait in our nearby waiting room while their child is with the experimenter. This is to control for any outside factors that could influence how a child responds to the games. We do provide a tablet which is linked to a camera in the lab space so you can watch your child participate. 
  • Is there any paperwork I need to fill out in order to participate?
    • Yes! We ask that you fill out paperwork called “informed consent.” This
      paperwork describes the study, provides information about any benefits or risk
      factors accompanied with participating, and contact information for questions
      regarding our IRB protocol and contact information for our primary investigator. 
  • What if my child does not want to participate?
    • We respect the decisions and wishes of everyone no matter their age. If your child comes to the lab and does not want to participate, we will thank you for your time. There are no obligations associated with coming to our lab. 
  • Can I bring my other children along?
    • Absolutely! We will have many toys and books that will provide great
      entertainment to your other children while one is participating in a study.  
  • What do you do with the results of your experiment?
    • We will be publishing them in an academic journal, academic poster
      presentation, or use them in a conference talk. Personal identifying information is never shared or included in the data. Any data presented is in a deindentified group format and is for the overall experiment which will include data from all participants. 
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