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The Day after Tomorrow, a Podcast on Climate Change: Irina Marinov with host Joe Manno:


Penn News Release (Sept 12th, 2017). Press coverage for our J. Climate paper in Penn Nes:
“How Openings in Antarctic Sea Ice Affect Worldwide Climate”

Video interview featured in OMNIA and Penn News: OMNIA Q&A: U.S. WITHDRAWAL FROM THE PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD” (JUNE 13TH 2017). Discussed the importance of the Paris Accord and what it means for the US. Transcript and Video Feature here: “Link”


11–16 Feb 2018, Portland, Oregon: Marinov, postdoc Asadieh, PhD student Priya Sharma and undergrad John San Soucie will participate in the Ocean Sciences Meeting.

Dec 2017: Postdoc Behzad Asadieh will participate and present in the AGU meeting in New Orleans.

Nov 17 2017: Darryn Waugh (Johns Hopkins), dept. seminar on Ozone in the atmosphere.

October 2-6, 2017: Marinov will present on “How are we doing at modeling changing ocean ecosystems? Earth System Model inter-comparison and theoretical approaches” in the IMBER IMBIZO meeting at WHOI, Woods Hole, MA.


Sept 15th 2017: Our group is hosting a visit by Raffa Ferrari (MIT), who is also giving a dept. seminar on “The abyssal ocean and earth’s climate”.

June 26-29, 2017: PI Marinov and undergrads John San Soucie and Joe Brau attended the Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry (OCB) Workshop Summer Workshop in Woods Hole, MA.

June 7th 2017: OUTREACH: This summer our group hosted an outreach event for St Mary’s Summer Camp kids (grades 1 through 6): “Penn Water Day”. Water-related activities included stationary water tank, rotating water tank, creating water layers of different densities, measuring acidity and salinity of water, cleaning up an oil spill.

May 2017: PI Marinov and undergrads John San Soucie participated in the “The Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling” (SOCCOM) Annual Meeting, at the Princeton Center for Theoretical Sciences, Princeton.

April 4, 2017: PI Marinov talked to MBA students in the Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies in the Wharton School at Penn on “Causes and Consequences of Climate Change”.

March 22nd 2017: Marinov talked at Saint Joseph University. Invited Colloquia on The Southern Ocean and its significant role in climate.

March 16th 2017: Marinov talked at the Philadelphia Geological Society meeting at Bryn Mawr College on “The important role of the ocean in climate”

Dec 2016: PI Marinov and Penn PhD students Priya Sharma and Andrew Gunn participated and presented in the annual AGU meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Nov 11th 2016 : Marinov talk at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory on Global teleconnections via the ocean and atmosphere induced by Southern Ocean deep convection on multi-decadal timescales

Sept 8th 2016: Marinov talk at Lehigh University’s Dept. of Earth and Environmental Science on the Southern Ocean deep convection and global climate implications via ocean and atmospheric teleconnections

June 7-8 2016: PI Marinov and undergrad Yann Pfitzer attended the “Response of global climate to the Antarctic Ozone Hole” workshop, MIT, Cambridge, MA.

June, 2016: PI Marinov, PhD student Andrew Gunn and undergrad Yann Pfitzer attended (and presented) in the Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry (OCB) Workshop Summer Workshop in Woods Hole, MA.

Our group participated in the Ocean Science meeting (New Orleans, Feb 2016) ! Group abstracts are attached:

Anna Cabre: “Global decadal climate variability driven by Southern Ocean convection”

David Shields “Remote Sensing of Phytoplankton Size Distribution: Phenology”

Irina Marinov: “Increasing biomass in the global and warm oceans? Unexpected new insights from SeaWiFS”

Shirley Leung: “A Latitudinally-Banded Phytoplankton Response to 21st Century Climate Change in the Southern Ocean across the CMIP5 Model Suite”


Postdoc Anna Cabre and Prof. Irina Marinov hosted a session at the upcoming Ocean Sciences meeting in new Orleans, Feb 2016. : “Global teleconnections and Southern Ocean Variability on Decadal to Centennial Timescales.” (link)

Summer 2015:
Undergraduate Harry Smith received a Penn Climate Action Grant to work with the Marinov group for the 2015 summer; his project will continue in the 2015-2016 academic year. His project involves modeling of biological production, export and remineralization of organic matter.

April 2015:

Anna Cabre went to Vienna, Austria, to take part in the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2015, where she presented a poster “Southern Ocean open-sea convection teleconnections”.

March 2015:

Irina Marinov was invited to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, where she gave a talk “Southern Ocean dynamics: changes over the 21st century and global implications” on March 4.

February 2015:

On February 26, undergrads David Shields and Danica Fine presented a poster “Phytoplankton Trends in the World’s Oceans” at the Spring Research Symposium of the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program (PURM).

January 2015:

On January 14, 2015, Irina Marinov participated in the National Public Radio program Radio Times together with her fellow climate change experts Michael Mann (Pennsylvania State University) and Naomi Oreskes (Harvard University), discussing the science and politics of climate change with the program’s host Marty Moss-Coane.

On January 12, Irina Marinov gave an invited talk “Climate change over the 21st century: a short summary” at Penn Engineering Alumni Society meeting at the University of Pennsylvania.

December 2014:

Irina Marinov and Anna Cabre went to the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, where they respectively presented a poster and gave a talk.

October 2014:

On October 23, Irina Marinov gave an invited talk “A slowdown of Southern Ocean convection and Antarctic Bottom Water over the 21st century: global climate and biogeochemical implications” at Rice University’s Department of Earth Science.

On October 7 and 16, Irina Marinov participated in science outreach events “Penn Faculty Panels on energy, sustainability and environment” in Chicago and Washington, DC, which were organized by Penn’s Alumni Relations Office (Penn to You Alumni program) and moderated by the Dean of Penn Arts & Sciences, Steven Fluharty.

August-September 2014:

Postdoc Anna Cabre participated in the CNR-ISAC 2014 Summer School in Lecce, Italy on “Mediterranean Sea: Models, Observations and Experiments”.

Undergrads Danica Fine and David Shields presented their studies of phytoplankton size groups observed from a satellite in posters at the Annual Open House & Research Expo of the Penn Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF).

June-July 2014:

Postdoc Anna Cabre was awarded fellowships to participate in the Remote Sensing Training Course at Cornell University (May 30-June 13), as well as the IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research) ‘Future Oceans’ conference in Bergen (Norway), where she gave a talk on: “A Latitudinally-Banded Phytoplankton Response to 21st Century Climate Change in the Southern Ocean across the CMIP5 Model Suite”.

PI Irina Marinov participated in a June 2014 workshop on “Southern Ocean physics and biogeochemistry with applications to the last glacial cycle” (Stockholm, Sweden), where she gave a talk on “Variability in Souther Ocean convection and AABW: global implications for climate and ocean carbon cycling”.

Postdoc Svetlana Milutinović attended the Capitol Hill Ocean Week in June in Washington, DC, and subsequently published an essay “Oceans of problems, oceans of opportunities” in the Congress Blog section of The Hill newspaper, found here.

May 2014:

PI Irina Marinov, postdoc Svetlana Milutinović and collaborator Tihomir Kostadinov participated in May 2014 the 2014 NASA Ocean Color Research Team Meeting (Silver Spring, MD), with posters and a talk:
Interannual and Interdecadal Variability in Global Phytoplankton Community Size Structure Derived From Ocean Color Remote Sensing and IPCC-Class Ecosystem Models. Marinov, I. (invited talk).

Modeling the spectral shape of backscattering and its uncertainty – effects on retrieval of the underlying particle size distribution. Kostadinov, T.S., Milutinović, S., Hirata, T., Marinov, I., Maritorena, S. (poster).

Carbon Biomass of Phytoplankton Size Groups Derived from SeaWiFS Observations. Milutinović, S., Kostadinov, T., and Marinov, I. (poster)

April 2014:

Postdoc Raffaele Bernardello gave an invited talk on “Impact of deep convection in the open Southern Ocean on natural and anthropogenic carbon uptake in a climate model” at the European Geophysical Union (EGU) General Assembly in April 2014.

Postdoc Anna Cabre was invited to give a talk “Consistent global responses of marine ecosystems to future climate change across the IPCC AR5 Earth System Models” in the Sayre Hall seminar series at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA.

March 2014:

Two papers co-authored by postdoc Raffaele Bernardello and faculty Irina Marinov were published in Nature Climate Change and the Journal of Climate, and got the attention of the press. The papers discuss the cessation of Southern Ocean deep sea convection due to climate warming, and the implications of climate change for ocean carbon storage:

de Lavergne, C.J. B. Palter, E. D. Galbraith, R. Bernardello and I. Marinov, 2014: Cessation of Weddell Sea convection due to climate warming, Nature Climate Change. (Download, Supplement)

Bernardello, Raffaele, Irina Marinov, Jaime B. Palter, Jorge L. Sarmiento, Eric D. Galbraith, Richard D. Slater, 2014: Response of the Ocean Natural Carbon Storage to Projected Twenty-First-Century Climate Change. J. Climate, 27, 2033–2053. (Download)

– PI Irina Marinov gave a talk in the Physical Oceanography Lunch Seminar at the School of Oceanography, University of Washington: “A shutdown of Southern Ocean deep convection in a future climate: Impacts on carbon uptake and storage in Earth System Models”.

– Postdoc Anna Cabre and alumna Shirley Leung participated in the Ocean Sciences meeting in Hawaii, with talks/posters on the ocean phytoplankton response to climate change across the CMIP5 Earth System models.

February 2014:

Prof. Irina Marinov was faculty host for a Penn alumni expedition to the West Antarctic Peninsula and the Weddell Sea. Here is a link to incredible Antarctica pictures from this trip, and here is a link to her blog.


PI Irina Marinov gave a Dec 2013 talk on The Southern Ocean and its critical role in the global carbon and heat cycles: now and under future climate change in the Mechanical Engineering (MEAM) Department at Univ. of Pennsylvania.

Undergrads Ryan Dungee and Mo Green presented a poster “Ocean Algae: Evolution under future climate change” on September 10 at the Undergraduate Research Expo of Penn’s Center for Undergraduate Research and Felowships.

Postdoc Anna Cabre gave a talk “Response of phytoplankton to climate change in the Southern Ocean: an IPCC AR5 Earth System Model Intercomparison” at the colloquium “Key Uncertainties in the Global Carbon-Cycle” in August in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

In July, PI Irina Marinov and postdoc Svetlana Milutinović attended the 2013 Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Summer Workshop at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA, USA. They respectively presented posters about phytoplankton response to future climate change in the Southern Ocean, and about satellite observations of phytoplankton size groups in the world ocean.

In May, postdoc Svetlana Milutinović participated in the 45th International Liège Colloquium in Belgium and presented a poster “Partitioning Phytoplankton Carbon Biomass into Three Size Groups Using Satellite Ocean Colour Observations”.

In March, postdoc Anna Cabre took part in the conference “Impact of climate change on marine ecosystems” in Paris, France, where she gave a talk “Response of ocean ecology to climate change in the Southern Ocean: an IPCC AR5 Earth System Model Intercomparison”.


From December 3rd to 8th, talks were presented by our group at the AGU meeting in San Francisco:

  • Irina Marinov, “Predicting ocean carbon uptake in a warming climate: novel tracers and modeling approaches”.
  • Anna Cabre, “Response of Ocean Ecology to Climate Change: an initial IPCC AR5 Earth System Model intercomparison”.

On October 15th and 16th, Shirley Leung, Anna Cabre, and Raffaele Bernardello gave talks at Princeton Workshop on the Southern Ocean.

During the summer, graduate student Shirley Leung worked as a JISAO intern with Dr. LuAnne Thompson in the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington.

In July, Irina Marinov, Anna Cabre and Svetlana Milutinović attended the 2012 Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Summer Workshop at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA, USA. They all presented posters titled, respectively, “Compensating responses of the ocean carbon pumps to ocean circulation changes over the 21st century”, “Response of phytoplankton to climate change in the Northern vs the Southern Hemisphere: an IPCC AR5 Earth System Model Intercomparison” and “Assessment and propagation of uncertainties in input terms through an ocean-colour-based model of primary productivity”.

On April 26th, postdoc Raffaele Bernardello gave a talk at the 2nd ICES/PISCES Conference for Early Career Scientists in Mallorca, Spain: “Response of phytoplankton community structure to climate change: an IPCC AR5 earth system model inter-comparison”.

On April 16th, Anna Cabre (joint postdoc, Physics-EES) and Shirley Leung (EES undergraduate) gave a talk at Penn on “Response of ocean ecology and biogeochemistry to 21st century climate change: an initial IPCC AR5 climate model intercomparison.”

On April 9th, postdoc Raffaele Bernardello gave a talk at Penn on “Response of the ocean carbon storage to changes in ocean circulation in 21st century climate simulations.”

On March 12th, postdoc Svetlana Milutinović gave a talk at Penn on “Uncertainties in estimating ocean phytoplankton productivity from space.”

In February, Irina Marinov, Rafaelle Bernardello, and Svetlana Milutinović participated in the Ocean Sciences conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, with talks and posters.
Irina and Raffaele’s presentation
Raffaele and Irina’s presentation
Svetlana’s presentation


On November 10th, Irina Marinov gave a preceptorial on How bad is bad? Climate change in the next 100 years and beyond in the David Rittenhouse Laboratories.

In October, Irina Marinov and Raffaele Bernardello participated in the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) “Open Science Conference: Climate Research in Service to Society.” Denver, Colorado.

On March 23, Irina Marinov gave a campus-wide, 60-second lecture on “Water and Future Climate Change.”