Welcome to the University of Pennsylvania Cognition and Development Lab!

We study children’s and adults’ imaginative and scientific reasoning abilities.

Our projects ask:
✿ What happens when children hear fictional stories, play pretend games, and plan for the future?
✿ How are children able to engage with these scenarios, which aren’t true in reality?
✿ What role does children’s imaginative cognition play in their development?
✿ What do children understand about the nature and process of science?
✿ How can the imagination aid in children’s and adults’ scientific reasoning?
✿ Why are adults occasionally so bad at thinking about scientific results?
The participants in these studies are children and adults from our community, including local schools and museums. Please explore our website to find out more about our research teamthe research we do, and how you can be involved.
You can get in touch with us by calling 215-898-1712, emailing cogdevlab@psych.upenn.edu, or by visiting our Facebook page.
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