Current Research Grants

NASA–Solar System Workings – PI, Laboratory Investigations of the Effects of Particulates on the Flow of Ice, 2015-2018

NSF-EAR – PI, Collaborative Research: Converging on a Physical Basis for Rate and State Friction through Nano-to-Macro-Scale Friction and Adhesion Experiments on Geological Materials, 2012 – 2017

NSF-EAR – PI, Collaborative Research: A Multidisciplinary Study to Determine the Fundamental Mechanisms of Rock Friction through Coordinated Experiments and Simulations, 2016-2019

NSF-EAR – Co-PI, Collaborative Proposal: Constraints from Fault Roughness on the Scale-Dependent Strength of Rocks, 2016-2019

Pending Research Grants

NSF-Polar Programs – PI with Co-PI Pedro Ponte Castanada (in MEAM at Penn), An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Ice Fabrics and Bubbles and Their Influence on Ice Rheology, 2017-2021

NASA–Solar System Workings – Co-I with Isaac Smith, Planetary Science Institute, Studying CO2 Glaciers on Mars with Observations and Laboratory Experiments, 2017-2020