Additional Facilities

Additional Facilities

Other facilities are avaliable through the University of Pennsylvania’s Chemistry Department and other Departments

Ultrafast Optical Processes Laboratory: The chemistry complex houses the NIH regional Laser and Biomedical Technology Labrotoris (RLBL) an NIH funded center that houses an FTIR, Fluorescence lifetime imaging and other spectroscopic capabilities and is staffed with Dr. Tom Troxler.

Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter: The Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter is another NSF funded facility in UPenn campus that hosts a variety of SEM, AFM and TEM instruments, a polymer characterization facility a rheology center and X-ray scattering instruments as well as other facilities.

Variable Temperature Scanning Probe Microscope (Penn Engineering)

Mass Spectroscopy Facility (Penn Chemistry Department)

NMR Facility (Penn Chemistry Department)

In-House Glassblower, Glass Shop

Electronics Shop

School of Arts and Sciences Machine Shop