Jeimy Ochoa

16 years old

How would you describe the attitude towards sea lions that people in your community have?

San Cristóbal Island receives the second-largest number of tourists in Galápagos. Our people live on tourism. It has led to the construction of restaurants, hotels, and handicrafts that improve the economy.

The island has beautiful beaches, unique flora and fauna, and one of its greatest attractions are the sea lions. Unfortunately some citizens in front of the boardwalk do not know the importance of the sea lions, as they frighten the animals by making loud noises with their hands. They do not want the sea lions near the docks, because they feel they are an inconvenience. The same thing happens on the beaches, where people fear the sea lions might attack them. What these people do not understand, though, is that the sea lions will do nothing as long as they do not feel threatened by something or someone. Thus, I think the attitude that the majority of citizens of my locality take is very bad. I feel that continuing to disrespect the sea lions in this way will eventually make them find a more secure place and perhaps with time, they may disappear from San Cristóbal. People will only then realize the great importance sea lions had in tourism, since tourists came to see the great diversity of species, including sea lions. If there are no sea lions, there will be no tourists. If there are no tourists, there will be no money for the island. Nobody would want that, so I am hoping to take care of this problem!

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