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Name: Julexi Cedeño Reyes

Age: 15 years old

I like: Watching nature, investigating on the Internet, doing experiments, playing on my laptop and watching documentaries, science, tests, cartoons and films of all sorts.

The LAVA project is one of the best projects in which I have participated. I really like what we do for this project. Every day, there is something new to learn and things to improve.

At first it was a bit difficult because I had to learn the protocol. Once I learned it, my observations of sea lions improved. After I learned the protocol, I was able to observe the sea lions almost as if it were something habitual, with more precision and speed than when I started. Now, if have doubts about my observations, I can ask Captain Vaca or the students of the University of Pennsylvania to answer my questions so that I record the data correctly.

The project has also raised several questions for me. These questions come up when I am observing the actions of the sea lions because this is when I see their diverse behavior up close. This is a great experience and arouses my curiosity a lot because it invites me to understand more about sea lions and pushes me to improve with each observation I make.