Melany Diaz

16 years old

Do you view sea lion differently than you did when you first started this project? Why or why not?

The LAVA project has brought several opportunities for International Baccalaureate students in the CAS program. One of those opportunities I have been able to experience is learning more about the sea lions of San Cristóbal Island, the island on which I live. Before starting the project I saw the sea lions only as a representative image of the island – I had been considering them as the specific attraction of the island because they are a unique species in the world.  However, through my participation in the LAVA project, I have changed my point of view, as I have realized that sea lions are much more than that. Sea lions are a species that share their habitat with humans, who they did not have to share their habitat with before. We should consider that the interactions with humans are already bringing consequences for this species, so I think it is important to raise awareness about how to live more harmoniously with the sea lions.

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