Lesson Planning


1. Each participant is encouraged to participate in a daily discussion at the end of each day and through an online discussion board. The goal of the discussion is to help teachers absorb the content of each day, reflect and share resources. To participate in the online discussion board visit the daily posts on this site and log in with your Penn key. Penn keys will be given out on the first day.  We will walk you through the log in process and answer any questions you may have.

Discussion Board Topics.

Monday: What are ways that empires have shaped identities and cultures?

Tuesday: How can we understand the diversity of culture and identity through various forms of expression, to overcome stereotyping of other cultures?

Wednesday: What surprised you most about this week? Did your perspective or any preconceived notions about empire shift?

Thursday: What do you want your students to learn most about the theme of “empire” and how can you best communicate that?

Friday: How can you complicate perceptions of empire in your classroom?

2. A major outcome of the Global Education Summer Institute 2017: Legendary Empires: Power, People & Politics, is a collection of lessons which teachers may use to show how various arts and cultural elements can convey key aspects of global history, events, or certain heritage features.  Each teacher should work individually to use their subject knowledge, instructional expertise, understanding of specific or multiple grade levels, and key disciplines to move beyond previous knowledge and incorporate new ideas and material explored during the Global Education Institute for Summer 2017. The Middle East Center, South Asia Center, and the Global Philadelphia Association will publish the collection in an online format in Fall 2017.

Lesson Plan Directions: Lesson plans are due Friday, August 18, 11:59 PM. Teachers are required to download and use the Template to complete their lesson plan. Teachers may use any portion of the material covered during the Summer Institute, or any of the topics explored, as the basis for their lesson. Teachers should email the completed lesson plan as a Word document to aviden@sas.upenn.edu.

3. Each participant must complete the final Evaluation by Friday, August 18, 11:59 PM

Upon completion of the evaluation, receiving your lesson plans, as well as providing a short presentation on the final day of the program, we will issue $100 stipends via check. Checks may take 4-6 weeks to arrive.