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Manuscript describing our genome-wide Topoisomerase cleavage assay published

Our collaborative study where we and the Felix lab developed a high-throughput sequencing-based approach for mapping TOP2A cleavage on a genome-wide scale is now online at Genome Research. This was a true labor of love to get this study to completion, but I could not be happier to have this assay finally published!

Congrats to Xiang and James for getting this study passed the finish line!

Study identifying novel post-transcriptional regulators of root hair cell fate published

Our study identifying novel post-transcriptional regulators of root hair cell fate is now published in Developmental Cell! We also are the cover article for this issue!

Congratulations, Shawn on a great study. Also, a huge thank you to our fantastic collaborative team.
A press release about this work can be found through the following link.

Plant co-translational RNA decay manuscript online now

Our manuscript that describes some of the features and factors involved in plant co-translational RNA decay is being published at Plant Cell. An online early version of our manuscript can be found at the following link.

Congrats to postdoc Xiang Yu and former postdoc Matthew Willmann (now head of the transgenic plant facility at Cornell University) on the publication of this fantastic piece of work.