Today we are excited to launch ImpactED’s newest ‘Top 5’ blog series! In this series, we will share ideas and insights for organizations and community members navigating the effects of Covid-19 in our City. We will be posting weekly, so make sure you are following our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. 

Kicking off our Top 5 series, we have five quotes from local and national leaders, which inspired us in this time of crisis and uncertainty.

1. “This may be your moment — not only to learn the lessons in this challenge, but to model surviving and thriving, for your friends and family. You can come out of this more awake, compassionate, and grateful. Those whose lives you touch will be better for it.” – Liz Dow

Liz Dow is the CEO of Leadership Philadelphia, in this article, she shares her reflections on the positive impact we should all strive for in this moment.

2. “Our relationships to other people are often the key to our survival and happiness. That’s something we need to remember right now. And it’s an idea we need to spread.” – Eric Barker. 

Eric Baker is the creator of the blog Barking Up the Wrong Tree. In this article, he shares how we can start a pandemic of positivity through our relationship with others.

3. “… thriving in uncertain times requires resisting the urge to look internally and focusing only on weathering the storm. Leaders who can calm the Survive response by inspiring confidence and calmness and can equally activate Thrive by focusing on opportunities and shared purpose, will help their businesses navigate the current crisis successfully and come out of it stronger than before” – Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta is a writer at Kotter Inc, an organization that focuses on leadership and organizational transformation. Read the full article to hear his tips on effective leadership during a crisis.

4. “It’s not addressing that underlying idea that companies need to be governed in a different way. Like they actually need to have a broader set of fiduciary duties if we want business to play a more positive role in society.” – Andrew Kassoy

Andrew Kassoy is a managing partner and co-founder of B Lab. In this article, he shares insights on how the Covid-19 pandemic is a time to rethink societal roles. 

5. “Success will be transformative. Organizations that can support staff with marginalized experience are also organizations equipped to understand and support their communities. As always, change begins within” – Sam Chenkin.

Sam Chenkin is an organizer and nonprofit professional working to make the nonprofit sector a force for systemic change. In their recent article for Generocity, they reflect on the positive changes in professional standards in a new work from home culture. 


Thank you to the local community members and organizations working tirelessly to make a positive impact in our city. In the words of Gritty himself, “We have no hockey. But we have each other.”