Please contact me to participate in either of my two ongoing data collection projects. Once completed, both data sets will be lodged on this page.


1. Comparative de-institutionalization

This project mines the national statistical yearbooks of 15 affluent societies (1935-present) to compare processes of psychiatric de-institutionalization over time and across governments. While all countries reduced the per capita supply of inpatient care, not all did so to the same degree:


Psychiatric beds per 100,000, 1935-present, available countries and years © Isabel M. Perera


2. Contemporary Mental Health Services

This data set compiles observations from the World Health Organization Mental Health Atlas and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development to examine how the supply of mental health care varies across advanced economies today. Challenging a fundamental premise of the de-institutionalization narrative, the observations indicate that inpatient and outpatient care are positively, not inversely, related:

Scatterplot of psychiatric beds and community care facilities per 100,000 population in 15 high-income democracies, with line of best fit, 2011 © Isabel M. Perera