Research in progress

Papers under review

“Are private kindergartens really better? Examining school choice, parental resources, and children’s school readiness in Ghana” (with Sharon Wolf, Jere R. Behrman, and Edward Tsinigo) – revised and resubmitted to Comparative Education Review.

“Beyond attendance: Gendered impacts of a cash transfer for education and the unpaid care burden in rural Morocco” – revise and resubmit at IZA Journal of Development and Migration (link to working paper).
⇒  Winner of the Biennial 2017 Etienne Van de Walle prize for the best graduate student paper in Demography at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Educational assortative mating, development, and inequality in sub-Saharan Africa.” – under review at Demography (link to working paper).

In progress

“A cross-country study on the relationship between parental educational homogamy and children’s health from infancy to adolescence.”

“Identifying family systems and their change across low- and middle-income countries” (with Andres F. Castro, Hans-Peter Kohler, and Frank F. Furstenberg).

“The demography of polygyny in sub-Saharan Africa: Trends, compositional effects, and implications for inequality” (with Julia A. Behrman and Hans-Peter Kohler).

“A sequence-analysis approach to the study of partnership and fertility transitions in low- and middle-income countries” (with Maria Sironi, Nicola Barban, and Frank F. Furstenberg).

“Does it matter if mom and dad are similarly educated? Evidence from Chile on the relationship between marital sorting and infant health” (with Alejandra Abufhele and Andres F. Castro).

“Safer if connected? Mobile technology and intimate partner violence” (with Valentina Rotondi).

“Do transition to adulthood markers diffuse through country ties? Evidence from low- and middle-income countries” (with Hans-Peter Kohler).

“Leveraging mobile phones to attain sustainable development” (with Valentina Rotondi, Ridhi Kashyap, Simone Spinelli, and Francesco C. Billari).

“Family forms and kinship variations: How kinship works in contemporary Western societies” (with Frank F. Furstenberg, Lauren Harris, and Megan N. Reed).

“Macroeconomic fluctuations and demographic outcomes in low- and middle-income countries” (with Nicoletta Balbo and Valentina Rotondi).

“Financial-education effectiveness in academic and vocational high schools in Italy: A randomized experiment” (with Francesco Saita and Francesco C. Billari).