Positions available

1. Postdoctoral researchers

The team is actively searching for highly motivated postdoc applicants interested in chemical biology, chemoproteomics, metabolomics, neuroscience, or drug discovery. We welcome qualified candidates to inquire or apply to positions by email (Megan) including your cover letter, CV, possible start dates and contact information of three references.

2. Graduate students

The lab is open to Graduate students from UPenn Chemistry BMB and pharmacology graduate group programs. Interested students should contact Megan by email for rotation arrangements. The group is active and open, and will try our best to assist your Ph.D. study and future career.

Prospective students should inquire or apply to one of the above-mentioned graduate programs.

3. Undergraduate students

Undergrads who are interested in learning chemistry, bacterial/cell culture, biology, proteomics, and animal models are encouraged to email Megan with your CV.


Contact information

1. Megan L. Matthews

Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania

231 South 34th Street, Vagelos 2001, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Email: megamatt at

Phone: 215-746-4738

2. Labs

231 South 34th Street, Vagelos 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215-573-7995

3. Shipping

Attendant: Matthews lab

250 South 33rd Street, chemistry stockroom, Philadelphia PA 19104

Phone: 215-573-7995


The main labs are located on the second floor of the Vagelos building, the proteomics lab is in room 234 of Chemistry 1973 building.
Address: 231 South 34th Street, Vagelos 2010, Philadelphia, PA 19104

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