Advancing Interdisciplinary Education and Research

I am proud to have joined Penn's Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program as the associate director during the summer of 2015. My research focuses on questions central to social contract theory, particularly on defending the approach against structural challenges and investigating accounts of moral motivation. This dovetails with my role as associate director of the Penn Social Norms Group, Penn SoNG, with its mission of bringing a researched, practical theory of social norms to those working to improve people's lives by improving the social context of their world.

Special Thanks to Dan Ariely for the 2018 Goldstone Forum

We’d like to thank Dan Ariely for his exciting talk on The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty at the 2018 Goldstone Forum. Speaking to a packed auditorium in the Penn Museum, Professor Ariely focused on the tension between our desire to conceive of ourselves as honest, the impulse to benefit from cheating or dishonesty, and the role rationalization and conflicts of interest play in mediating the two.


2nd Annual PPE Society Meeting

I would like to thank Paul Hurley (Claremont McKenna College), Steve Simon (Richmond University), Colin Bird (University of Virginia), and Jonny Anomaly (University of Arizona) for joining me on a panel session about Topics in PPE Administration, Logistics and Curriculum. The panel addressed issues from recruiting majors and determining which courses should be led by PPE to approaching allied disciplines and strategizing proposals to create new programs to the implications of the difference between an interdisciplinary vs. multidisciplinary understanding of PPE. The session was well attended and will hopefully contribute to the development of PPE programs!


Penn PPE Refreshed Online

We’ve now completed the refresh of PPE’s online presence! Click on any of the headers to check out the sites!

The new PPE site is live!


Our Undergraduate Journal, SPICE: Student Perspectives on Institutions, Choices and Ethics, is fully up to date and archived in the Penn Scholarly Commons.


This, of course, complements our opt-in honors thesis repository also in the commons.

Penn SoNG Website is live!

Very proud to have worked with Cristina Bicchieri, Peter McNally and Sez Guilian on the Penn Social Norms Group’s newly launched website! It looks great! Click the logo to check it out:

Happy Holidays Team!

It’s always a pleasure to work with our large (and growing!) team in PPE, Penn SoNG and MBDS!

PennSONG analyzes social norms around corruption

I’m very proud of PennSONG, and in particular Raj Patel, for our contribution to Chatham House’s recent investigation into corruption in Nigeria.

I highly encourage you to go read the executive summary & recommendations – or better yet, just read the whole thing!

Want to read more? As always, feel welcome to check out our publicly available research in the Scholarly Commons at:


Congratulations 2017 PPE Grads!

Thanks to everyone for another amazing year! Our class of 2017 was our largest cohort yet, with 115 graduates. The number of students earning honors doubled. We had 10 inductees to Phi Beta Kappa. But more important than the accolades, thank you for all the genuine and unique personal dedication and inspiration. It’s been an both an honor and a pleasure working with all of you!

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