Undergraduate Opportunities

Research Assistant Training Program

The Initiative will offer a formal, centralized training program for motivated undergraduates who want to gain hands-on research experience working with SBSI faculty and graduate students. At the beginning of each semester, the research coordinator will offer 4 one-hour modules at 4pm. 

Module 1 (Sept 12th)  – Introduction; Getting started with Qualtrics
Module 2 (Sept 19th) – Getting started with R (part 1)
Module 3 (Sept 26th) – Data entry, cleaning and reproducible data management/analysis practices in R (part 2)
Module 4 (Oct 3rd) – Getting started with SONA; Next steps: joining a lab 

Applications are due Sunday, September 8th by 11:59pm. You will hear back from us on September 9th.

Training Program


Research Assistant Matching Program

After you have completed the RA Training Program: If you are interested in being a research assistant in the SBSI labs, please fill out the form below. We will try and match you as best we can with a research topic that coincides with your interests, timing, and availability. Below is a list of affiliated faculty who are looking for research assistants.

Professor Jonathan Baron

Interests: Judgment and decision-making, morality and public policy.
RA duties: Making up text for experiments.

Professor Emily Falk

Interests: Social influence, behavior change, social neuroscience and media effects.
RA duties: Graphic design (e.g., Photoshop), recruiting and running participants

Professor Barbara Mellers

Interests: Behavioral decision theory, emotions, fairness, preference measurement, geopolitical forecasting and public policy.
RA duties: Qualtrics, MTurk, statistical analysis.

Matching Program

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