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P4Y to Present at Upcoming Philosophy of Education Conference:


Dustin Webster, Allauren Forbes, and Michael Vazquez will be presenting a panel at the Philosophy of Education Society Annual Meeting, March 6-9 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. They will be discussing various initiatives of Penn’s Program for Philosophy for the Young. An emphasis of the session will be how Penn’s P4Y programming is driven by what we view as the ethical imperative to bring philosophy to underserved and marginalized populations of students. While the panel will be focused on the details and logistics of these initiatives, central to the discussion will be the ways in which outreach to these communities is beneficial for everyone involved, including academia in general.

Allauren Forbes will discuss the creation and practices of philosophy clubs that Penn P4Y has established with various institutions and at several underserved high schools in the city, including ‘Philosophy and Engagement Conferences’ hosted at the university. Allauren will also address a project that is aimed at helping local elementary school teachers to integrate philosophy into their curricula. Michael Vazquez will discuss the creation of an undergraduate course in which students forge a partnership with high school students by facilitating discussions on a range of moral and political issues, with the ultimate aim of guiding the high school students to create a piece of public philosophical writing. Dustin Webster will discuss the newly established Philadelphia Regional division of The National High School Ethics Bowl, and how Penn P4Y supports the event and the development of high school teams.