We work to advance philosophy education in two ways. First, we directly engage students through classes and club activities at area schools. Second, we work with teachers on curriculum development, focusing on ways to integrate philosophical themes.

Pre-College Philosophy in the Schools

High School Ethics Bowl: Penn will host a Philadelphia Regional Ethics Bowl on February 8, 2020. We have been working with a number of Philadelphia High Schools to help them prepare for their  participation.  In the fall of 2019 we enlisted Penn students enrolled in a new ABCS class to further this effort. The Ethics Bowl is an extra-curricular activity where students discuss and debate ethical cases studies with teams from other schools.  More information here.

Middle School Philosophy Class:  We run informal philosophy classes weekly with students at the Benjamin B. Comegys School, a neighborhood school in West Philadelphia.  We have worked with several grade levels from 4th to 8th.  In 2018-2019 we joined with Penn undergraduate students via an ABCS (Academically Based Community Service) course to organize class activities for 5th graders. 

Middle School Philosophy Club: We have conducted philosophy club activities at the Penn Alexander School in West Philadelphia, including a philosophically themed movie club.

High School Philosophy Course: We are teaching a weekly mini-course on the Philosophy and Ethics of Science at the Science Leadership Academy, a magnet school in Center City Philadelphia.

High School Philosophy Clubs:  We assist in running a weekly philosophy club at the George Washington Carver School for Engineering and Science, a magnet school in North Philadelphia.  In past years we have also run a club for first generation college-bound students via a partnership with Philadelphia Futures.  This included integration with an ABCS course on the Philosophy of Education, culminating in a conference featuring student presentations at Penn.

Teacher-Philosopher Collaboration

Teachers Institute of Philadelphia Seminars: Professor Detlefsen conducts seminars at the Teachers Institute of Philadelphia (TIP). The seminars focus on collaborative efforts to enrich K-12 curricula with philosophical and critical thinking content.



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