Sites of other organizations promoting philosophy for young people

PLATO – Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization

“PLATO advocates and supports introducing philosophy to children and youth through programs, resource-sharing, and the development of a national network in pre-college philosophy.”

Center for Philosophy for Children – University of Washington

“Created with the aim of empowering young people to think for themselves through introducing them to philosophy.”

Teaching Children Philosophy

“Interested in teaching philosophy to elementary school children? This website will help you do that using popular children’s picture books.”  See also Thomas Wartenberg’s site about using film clips to teach philosophy to middle schoolers: What’s the Big Idea?

APA Committee for Pre-College Instruction in Philosophy

This APA (American Philosophical Association) committee “oversees activities of the association related to the teaching of philosophy at the pre-college level and initiates efforts to encourage and improve teaching at this level.”

National High School Ethics Bowl

The Parr Center for Ethics (University of North Carolina) “is the home and headquarters of the National High School Ethics Bowl.”

The P4C Co-operative

“Resources of quality for doing philosophy with children.”

Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC)

Montclair State University’s IAPC “is the world’s oldest organization devoted to young people’s philosophical practice.”

SAPERE (UK P4C Organization)

“We train teachers in Philosophy for Children which encourages children to think critically, creatively, collaboratively and caringly. We help children, particularly those facing disadvantage, to become lifelong learners.”

P4C Texas (Texas A&M University)

“Dedicated to fulfilling Texas A&M’s mission as a land-grant university by bringing the Philosophy for Children program to pre-college classrooms in the local community.”

P4C Hawai’i 

The University of Hawai’i Uehiro Academy for Philosophy and Ethics in Education is home to P4C Hawai’i, “dedicated to preparing, supporting and sustaining educators, researchers and students who engage or are interested in engaging in p4c worldwide.”

University of Queensland (Australia) Critical Thinking Project

“Since its inception in 2012, the UQCTP has endeavoured to assist schools and teachers in preparing students for academic success in the 21st century. The UQCTP enables teachers to articulate reasoning skills within the context of disciplinary knowledge, but in a way that empowers students to transfer the language, skill set, and cognitive awareness associated with critical thinking across into other areas of their lives as well as other disciplines.”

The Philosophy Foundation (UK)

 “The Philosophy Foundation promotes the use of philosophy in the public sphere, specialising in
the facilitation of philosophical conversations in education, business and the community.”

The Center for Public Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz

“The Center for Public Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz aims to empower the general public with the tools and insights of philosophy and the social sciences. Through programming, events, and media, we seek to foster more thoughtful and engaged communities of thinkers and change makers.”

University of Chicago Civic Knowledge Project: Winning Words

“Winning Words is a public ethics program of the University of Chicago Civic Knowledge Project, which is in the University’s Office of Civic Engagement. In Winning Words, students and faculty from the University of Chicago facilitate provocative and meaningful activities and projects with children and young people across Chicago’s mid-South Side.”

Columbia University, Rethink: A Philosophy Community Outreach Program

“An outreach program that aims to promote philosophical engagement outside of a traditional academic context. We work with members of marginalized and underprivileged groups to help expose participants to new ideas and discuss philosophical issues with one another in a respectful and cooperative way.”

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