As of March 2020, the Philadelphia Signs Project has moved! Please go to the link below and update your bookmarks.

The new site is:

Dr. Meredith Tamminga, University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences 60-Second Lecture, “Changing Sounds and Changing Signs in Philadelphia Dialects”

Dr. Jami Fisher and Dr. Meredith Tamminga, Penn Science Café, “American Sign Language, Philly Style” American Sign Language_Philly_Style_08_16_16

Dr. Jami Fisher, Dr. Julie Hochgesang, and Dr. Meredith Tamminga, LREC 2016, Portorož, Slovenia, “Examining Variation in the Absence of a Main ASL Corpus: The Case of the Philadelphia Signs Project” Examining Variation in the Absence of a Main ASL Corpus, LREC 2016 

Video Presentation from LREC  in International Sign

PRI’s The World in Words:  “There’s a distinctly Philadelphia accent in American Sign Language“:

Smithsonian: There’s a Philly Sign Language Accent”