Course Offerings

All courses listed here may be counted towards the PSYS minor.  Note that, in any semester, students may propose an Independent Study for full course credit.  For information on how to set up an Independent Study course, contact Dr. Larry Blum at

Fall 2019

  • ENGL 102/COML 245 Introduction to Psychoanalysis: History, Theory, Practice (Susan Adelman and Max Cavitch)
  • ENGL 065 Love in an Age of Cynicism (Jean-Michel Rabaté)
  • SWRK 786 002 Social Work Practice and Trauma (Jane Abrams) *Students may enroll in SWRK 786 with permission from the instructor. Interested students should contact Dr. Jane Abrams at



Spring 2020

  • PSYS/ANTH 329 Psychoanalytic and Anthropological Perspectives on Childhood (Larry Blum and Barbara Shapiro)
  • SWRK 792 Psychodynamic Theory in Clinical Practice (Jane Abrams)

Previous Course Offerings

Spring 2019

  • ENG 94 Introduction to Psychoanalysis and Film (Jean-Michel Rabate)
  • GRMN 253 Freud: The Invention of Psychoanalysis (Liliane Weissberg)
  • SWRK 792 Psychodynamic Theory in Clinical Practice (Jane Abrams)

Fall 2018

 Spring 2018

Fall 2017

  • DYNM 607 Psychodynamics of Organizations (Larry Hirschhorn)

Spring 2017

  • GRMN 253 Freud: The Invention of Psychoanalysis (Liliane Weissberg)
  • ENGL 269 Mourning and Sexuality in the English Elegy (Max Cavitch)
  • SWRK 792 Psychodynamic Theory (Jane Abrams)

Fall 2016

  • ANTH – 309-401 Psychoanalysis & Anthro (Greg Urban & Lawrence Blum)
  • PHIL: 536 Philosophy and Psychoanalysis: Freud and the Interpretation of Culture (Steve Steinberg)* admission to this class is with LPS permit, provided there is space
  • DYNM 607 Independent Studies (Larry Hirschhorn)
  • ENGL 102 Literatures of Psychoanalysis (Max Cavitch)
  • ENGL 102 From the Uncanny to the Horror: Literature, Film and Psychoanalysis (Jean-Michel Rabate)

Spring 2016

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