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These are previous events organized or co-hosted by Quechua at Penn. For upcoming events, please click here.


Calendar of previous events:

[cultural event] Quechua Cultural Night
Date: Thursday, October 19th, 2017 | 6pm
Place: Arch Building #110, UPenn (3601 Locust Walk)

Tupasunchis!! Let’s meet up! We invite your to learn more about the Andes (Latin America), its people and culture, and Quechua language. Please join us for a fun evening of Quechua conversation, games, and refreshments (Inca Kola). Everyone is welcome!

No previous knowledge of Quechua is necessary.
Free and Open the public
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[talk] David Choquehuanca, prominent Aymara leader:
Event Canceled until further notice

Date: October 11th, 2017

We are honored to invite Mr. David Choquehuanca, Secretary General of ALBA and former Foreign Minister of Bolivia, to speak at Penn.

This year we commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Mr. Choquehuanca, a high-ranked Aymara leader who have played an internationally and national role on promoting Indigenous Rights will discuss about the challenges and goals to recognize and respect Indigenous peoples’s cultures, territory and citizenship.

His talk is scheduled for October 11st, 2017, 6pm as a preliminar special event of the “Penn in Latin America” conference. More info, here

[talk] Quechua program Welcoming Event and guest-lecture: The Incas in Mexico: Negotiating Nobility of Blood on Paper”, by Prof. Rocío Quispe-Agnoli

Date: Thursday, September 21st, 6pm
Place: Greenfield Intercultural Center at Penn (3708 Chesnut Street)

Abstract: Texts and illustrations by Inca petitioners in eighteenth-century Mexico’s archives raise questions about hemispheric and transatlantic movement of the descendants of Incas kings after the Spanish conquest.
This presentation examines the long journey of the Uchu Tupac Yupanqui family in Peru and Mexico on their way to a desired, but never reached, destination: the court of the Spanish King.

Bio: Rocío Quispe-Agnoli is Professor of Colonial Latin American Studies in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University. She is the author of La fe andina de la escritura: identidad y resistencia en la obra de Guaman Poma de Ayala (2006), Durmiendo en el agua (2008, short fiction), Nobles de papel (2016) and Women’s Negotiations and Textual Agency in Latin America, 1500-1799 (2017, co-edited with M. Díaz). Her current project is tentatively titled: From Coyas to Doñas: Inca Women and the Gendering of the Colonial Archive.


[film screening]“Bronx Llaqtamanta with Peruvian filmmaker, Doris Loayza.

April 27th, 2017 at 12pm
La Casa Latina, UPenn

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2nd. Native American Cultural Night
April 12th, 2017 6pm
Penn Museum

Second edition of “Thinking Andean Studies” Conference
February 10-11, 2017

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  • 2nd edition of the Quechua Student Alliance Meeting


Saturday, November 5th, 2016

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  • [films] Quechua: The fading Inca language (2010) Dir. Gabina Funegra (19min) & newly translated short Quechua dramas from Youtube.

event_culturefilm_quechuaSpeaker: Américo Mendoza-Mori (Quechua language professor) Penn Language Center

The Quechua language, the largest indigenous language group in the Americas, has been suppressed and maligned for hundreds of years, but now is enjoying a revival of esteem and usage thanks to specific governmental policies and the enthusiasm of students from as far as Paris and Tokyo.

More info, visit here

  • Penn Peruvian community gathering with the Consul of Peru 

peru-usaWednesday, November 16th, 2016.
From 6pm to 8pm

Greenfield Intercultural Center at the University of Pennsylvania., Philadelphia
(3708 Chesnut Street, Philadlephia, PA)
Join us for this informal gathering that will help us build up a vibrant Peruvian and Peruvian-American community at Penn (Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni).

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  • [talk] “Visions of Nature in Quechua and Mayan Literature”  by Charles Pigott (Cambridge University)


Tuesday, October 18th, 2016. Time: 6pm.
Place: Cherpack Conference Room (Williams Hall, 5th Floor)
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  • Cultural Quechua Night and a conversation with Prof. Américo Mendoza-Mori

October 12th, 6:30pm
Place: Stouffer College House (3702 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19104)


  • Quechua at the UPenn’s World Languages Open House

Tuesday, April 12th, from 1pm-3pm
Place: Weigle Information Commons at the Van Pelt Literary, UPenn

We are happy to announce the 3rd World Languages Open House at Weigle Information Commons (Van Pelt Library). The purpose of this open house is to celebrate the achievements of Penn Language Programs and promote language offerings at the University.

Prospective students and people interested are welcome to come and visit the Quechua & Andean Culture station. Come and visit us to enojy the festive and global atmosphere of the event!


  • ‘On Being Andean’ Penn Undergraduate Andean Studies Colloquium 

Andean Colloquium_SubmissionsCall


Sunday, April 24th, 2016
from 3 to 6pm

Place: University of Pennsylvania, Arch Building #108

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  •  “Inkarri: 500 years of the Inka Resistance in Peru” and Q&A with director José Huamán

Date:  April 20th, 2016, 6:20pm

Place: Williams Hall 219

500 inkarri








  • Screening of short-film “Living Quechua” and Q&A with Elva Ambía

Date: March 23, 2016 at 6pm

Place: Penn Museum

About the film:  Elva Ambía Rebatta’s first language is Quechua, but when she left her town in Peru as a young woman to find work in the United States, speaking Spanish and English became critical for her to survive. While Quechua–a language indigelivingquechua_filmnous to South America–continues to be spoken around the world as a result of such migration stories, UNESCO and other initiatives recognize it as an endangered language. Now in her seventies, Elva decides to help cultivate a Quechua-speaking community in New York City.  Living Quechua follows Elva through the challenges and successes of trying to keep Quechua alive.

Film fragments here:


  • Cultural Night with three Native American Language: Quechua, Nahuatl and Zapoteco

Date: February 25th, 20Native Language Night16 at 6pm

Place: Native American Voices Gallery at Penn Museum (please use the Krees entrance)

Join us for a night with music, poetry, dancing and games and games in three Native American languages.

We invite you to learn more about the languages and cultures of the Americas.


  • First edition of the Quechua Student Alliance Meeting: 

QSAM_PhiladelphiaSaturday, November 14th, 2015
Place:  University of Pennsylvania

More info:

  • A conversation with Peruvian film director and writer Augusto Tamayo

tamayo_sanromanNovember 19th, 2015 at 6pm
Houston Hall, Golkin Room (University of Pennsylvania)

Please join us for a conversation with Augusto Tamayo. Mr. Tamayo is a Peruvian director and writer, known for The Good Bastard (2001), Crossing a Shadow (2007) and Cuentos inmorales (1978). He will be accompanied by award-winning poet Roger Santibañez.

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  • Quechua & Nahuatl Spoken Word Night: 

Thursday, October 29th, 2015 – 6pm
Place: Greenfield Intercultural Center at Penn (3708 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia)

quechua_nahuatlJoin us for a night with live music, poetry, dancing and games in Quechua and Nahuatl.
We invite you to learn more about the Andes, its people and culture, and Quechua language.

Everyone is welcome at this FREE gathering!
No previous knowledge of Quechua is necessary.

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inkarayku_00 Inkarayku concert

Friday,April 17th, 2015  7pm

Place:  Arch Building Auditorium (2nd Floor) 3601 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, 19104 University of Pennsylvania

Inkarayku is a Quechua word that means “because of the Incas.” Led by founder Andres Jimenez, the group seeks to link the past, present and future of Andean arts, through the performance of indigenous music forms that have evolved into the contemporary mestizo music heard today. Inkarayku’s sound blends the organic power of Quechua folk songs with the energy and edge unique to New York, the city that never sleeps. The band’s diverse line-up brings together a river of musical and artistic experience resulting in Andean folk music that transcends cultural boundaries and seamlessly shares the stage with other folk traditions of the Americas. 

Inkarayku will perform at the opening reception of the “Thinking Andean Studies” Penn Andean Studies Colloquim: April 17-18, 2015 in Philadelphia. For more info about this event at the University of Pennsylvania, please click here.


“Thinking Andean Studies” Penn Andean Studies Colloquim:

thinking_andean_posterApril 17-18, 2015
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

For more info about this event at the University of Pennsylvania, please click here.





A conversation with Aymara activist Rosa Palomino rosa palomino02Thursday, March 19th, 2015 6pm Place:  Cherpack Seminar Room (5th Floor) located in Williams Hall, 255 S. 36th Street, Philadelphia, 19104 University of Pennsylvania

Rosa Palomino is an Aymara social communicator with a long career as a radio host and political and social leader. She has been honored by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and is a current member of the board of the Indigenous Communicators Network of Peru (REDCIP). Born in the Camacani community, Platería district, Puno region, she has been visible for directing Wiñay Pankara (Always blooming), an Aymara story-telling radio show that was first aired in 1988, and is hosted by Aymara-speaking women. This event is sponsored by the Penn Department of Romance Languages

Event photos:



Screening of short-film “Quechua, the fading Inka language” and Q&A with filmmaker Gabina Funegra funegraTuesday, February 10th, 2015 6pm Place:  Greenfield Intercultural Center  (3708 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia) University of Pennsylvania This special event will give attendees the opportunity to watch the documentary ‘Quechua, the fading Inca Language’ and meet with her director and producer, Ms. Gabina Funegra, a Peruvian researcher and Filmmaker. The documentary has been translated into Spanish, English, French and Japanese. It has been presented at the United Nations in Geneva and Bangkok, Sorbonne University, “Festival de Cinéma Péruvien de Paris” (Peruvian Film Festival in Paris), and most recently at NYU. This event is sponsored by the Penn Department of Romance Languages. Event on Facebook:

“Dances and Music in the Andes” a conversation with Candy Hurtado November 13th, 2014 6pm Where: Arch Building #108, First Floor (University of Pennsylvania) candyhurtado_pennThis special event will give attendees the opportunity to listen to and dance with Ms.Hurtado, a recognized Peruvian musician and folk dancer and a founding member and Executive Director of the Kuyayky Foundation, an NGO that works to foster the social, political, cultural and economic development of Andean culture through research, lectures, performances and recordings.

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