Graduate Students

Sarah SolomonSarah Solomon
University of Delaware; M.A. Cognitive Science, 2012,
B.S. Psychology and Cognitive Science, 2011, B.A. Philosophy, 2011

Research Interests: How are concepts structured to enable the generation of flexible, context-dependent representations? How is conceptual information manipulated in the brain such that an appropriate representation is formed?

Research in Progress: I have explored the flexible manipulation of conceptual representations in object-change, figurative language, and adjective-noun combinations. I am currently exploring the possibility of using network science approaches to model individual concepts, which might enable the quantitative modeling of conceptual flexibility and other phenomena.


Nathan TardiffNathan Tardiff
Rutgers University; B.A. English, 2004
Harvard Graduate School of Education; Ed.M. Mind, Brain, and Education, 2012

Research Interests: I study the relationship between cognitive control and learning. Areas of interest: individual differences and developmental changes in cognitive control, including costs and benefits of control; interaction of cognitive control and representational capacities in mental flexibility and learning; computational modeling.

Research in Progress: Current work includes studying the role of prefrontal cortex in biasing reinforcement learning


Ariana FamiliarAriana Familiar
New York University; B.A. Psychology & Philosophy, 2013

Research Interests: I study how and by what properties the brain leverages visual information in behaviors such as recognizing and categorizing objects and perceiving scenes. Using behavioral and neuroimaging methods with computational modeling, I aim to elucidate how certain ‘specialized’ layers of large-scale neural networks interact to give rise to visual perception and memory-related processes.